smart. aerial. DATA.

Our focus is simple:

smart. aerial. data.

Team AERHYVE analyzes high quality, multi-sensor data from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Our mission is to provide rapid, actionable intelligence from new perspectives.

We address common agricultural challenges.

Early detection of diseases, pests and invasive species.
Reduction of unnecessary: chemical applications, fertilizer, water, etc.
Maximizing outputs with intelligent data.

The what, the why, and the how...

Artificial Intelligence

We work in the cutting edge fields of Computer Vision and Machine Learning for the precise detection of critical anomalies.

Crop Analysis

See what’s happening in the field, orchard, or vineyard. Assess crop health, input efficacy and other key metrics.

Image Classification

Multiple object classification and layered exports for features of interest. Georeferenced data for actionable outcomes.

Animal Observation

Whether it's determining herd health or field research on various species, we can be your eyes in the sky.

Industrial Inspection

Safely observe hard-to-reach and even previously inaccessible places in an efficient and affordable manner.

Insurance Assessment

View and quantify damages from natural disasters, accidents and other phenomena from new perspectives.

Historical Archiving

Document baseline conditions to any landscape from the highest vantage point to measure changes over time.


From real estate to tourism and beyond, images resonate and make the largest impact on consumers.


Our team can quickly identify needs and match systems to best utilize resources. From turn-key to custom, we’re here to help.

Why choose AERHYVE?


Machine Learning and robotics will individually revolutionize a number of industries - and we are working at the intersection of these disruptive technologies. More than just saving time and money, our software offers new perspectives.


Aerhyve's analytics platform looks for specific patterns and critical anomalies.The majority of crop data is processed with baseline indices. While these may be able to tell that your crop is dead or dying...our goal is to tell you what is killing it. 


Our award-winning team includes data scientists and developers, engineers, GIS and Remote Sensing expertise, and access to a broad network of other resources. We're drone and sensor agnostic, which gives us incredible scalability.


Traditional aerial data is costly - in logistical, economic and environmental terms. UAVs can be up and running within minutes of arriving onsite. Acquiring data from an aerial system saves time, money, and has virtually no environmental footprint.  

We’re making headlines

Let us help you see problems and opportunities differently by leveraging an aerial advantage.